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About Us: Followers of Christ Jesus

Who We Are

We are a welcoming community of spiritual thinkers who lean on the Bible for spiritual healing with all aspects of our lives. We follow the inspired word of the Bible. We worship one God and we believe and trust in a loving God.


Local Roots

First Church of Christ, Scientist, has roots in Danville since 1954 when a small group of spiritual thinkers started to meet in local spots in order to hold church services for the community. These early workers pursued the goal of building a church edifice where the community could come and listen to a sermon based on Christ Jesus’ teachings. In late 1970, our modest church was completed. An addition was built and our current building was finished in 1996. 


Our Focus

The focus of our church has always been to heal spiritually. This Christ healing is available to ALL; locally and globally. We welcome you and your family to our church and Sunday School.

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